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Monday, October 8, 2012

Amsterdam: The airport

I spent a fantastic weekend in Amsterdam. Amsterdam…the city where I spent seven years, where I worked, had an apartment, and made lovely friends. Despite the fact that it was my decision to leave the city, as I felt that I was going to have some other adventures in other cities and countries, I always go back there with pleasure. I know Amsterdam. I know where to eat, where to go, where to shop. But one thing I didn’t know about. The changes they made at the airport. Honestly, if only I knew I would go there at least four hours in advance of my boarding time. When I arrived at the airport to depart back to the UK, I did have something resembling hangover. I had a reunion of my classmates of my master degree I did eleven years ago. We were a lovely group, no more than twenty of us and we all became friends. Interestingly, we also stayed in touch with each other through all these years and thus, decided to meet again, in the city where we studied. And of course, we drunk, and we drunk quite a lot. We hired a boat trip around the canals and while the tickets were quite expensive, there was unlimited amount of wine…until we came on board, and drunk it all. I didn’t drink that much, but I am not used anymore to late nights and to more than three glasses of wine in one single go, and so, the next morning when I had to take my plane back home, I did feel the consequences. But, oh my god, the airport. They have all kinds of shops, a sushi bar, a noodle bar, some other bars, a smoking room, a meditation centre, showers (!!!) and, and here comes the most interesting part, express SPA CENTRES! And so, after a nice Japanese breakfast and some shopping, I decided to give it a try. I had a slight headache and I never find time for this kind of things back home. The only thing I do find time to do is a ten minute eyebrow wax in the nearest salon. And a hairdresser, for which I need to start organising something like a month in advance, as they usually do my hair for sometimes four hours and serve wine. So, if I do go there, I need a day off. But why not to treat myself to something even nicer when I had half an hour to spare? I approached one of the two spa centres (yes, they have two in just one departure terminal!) and looked at the list of treatments and prices. It wasn’t cheap but they had good stuff: total unwind for the plane, a facial, a detox treatment, a foot massage, a back and neck massage, etc, etc. After a small deliberation I decided to try a back and neck massage. I still had a headache and this treatment was more likely to help me to get rid of it. And wow, it was good. It was so good that when my original fifteen minutes expired I asked for fifteen minutes more. You see, I forgot that the boarding time started and that I was due on the plane. The reality struck me when they called my name. “Last call for E N…” That was me, with the plane to Manchester almost ready to depart without me. So, I quickly paid for the massage and run towards my gate, which thankfully was only a minute away. So, I got on the plane, which took off immediately and thus, avoided all the usual queuing and waiting, and my headache was totally gone. Viva the airport in Amsterdam! Yes, I know, I should write something more cultural about my weekend..but the thing is, it was pure fun!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Psychic readings

Ah…the psychics…I love psychics, provided they predict nice things and don’t tell any bullshit, like that a doomsday will strike tomorrow. You see, I am a psychic myself…provided I don’t have to predict anything psychic. But in all honesty, I am, I am a psychic. I was even selling psychic readings for two months on ebay, sponsoring my shopping addiction. I had to stop it though as doing a PhD, writing a book and looking after a baby who would crawl around, pick up my cards and start eating them, wasn’t working in my favour. But I was good in it, honestly, because of my tremendous psychic abilities. I once found a spell around our house and sent it back to whoever did it. My boyfriend suggested a psychiatric hospital at that point, but never mind….he is a sceptic, while I am a psychic. But despite my remarkable talent in the field, I can’t predict anything for myself (and for other people, but they don’t know about it). The last iching I did (Chinese prediction) told me that I was ‘consulting witches’ bordering on confusion, and it did have a point. You see, once I start asking for psychic predictions, I can’t stop. I will start making Tarot spread until the cards start telling me exactly what I want to hear. That’s why I was probably THAT popular on ebay. But still, despite the fact that I stopped doing readings myself, I didn’t stop consulting other psychics myself. Getting a psychic prediction is a treat, especially when it’s done by a proper psychic…mhh…not me. But a good psychic is very difficult to find. For a start, it is very difficult to be a psychic, as usually you spend most of your time in a psychiatric hospital, and then, of course, it is a science which once I start boasting about send people around you wondering whether you are a friend with your own head (the majority of psychics aren’t). Anyway, why I am writing about it, you must wonder. And well, I am writing about it, because Ebay stopped selling psychic readings from September. I was well armed for the event as I have contacts of all good psychics. But if you are as addicted to them as me but don’t know where to look, I take this opportunity to promote my two favourite psychics of all times. Trust me, they are absolutely brilliant. Probably even the best in the field. Yes, I did a proper research, combined with years of experience. So, if you speak French, the best psychic speaking this language is Claude Sarfati, a truly remarkable guy, who also writes books and tells you exactly what he sees, even when you don’t want to hear the truth. His site is (Meilleur voyant en France). If you speak English, the best psychic in the UK is Joanna, her site is (Best psychic in the UK). Joanna is someone you want to make your friend and that combined with the fact that ALL her predictions come true, is something unseen of. I think I consulted all psychics on Ebay (and elsewhere, including myself), and Joanna is truly the best.

(me, as Ekaterina the Great, yes, I can shape-shift!)