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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Gwyneth Paltrow’s phenomenal dietary insight

Honestly, I don’t want to talk badly about people. I don’t want to find myself in the same situation as Charlie Brooker who half-way through one of his books starts apologising to all those stars about which he was dismissive in the past. Thanks man, it’s exactly THIS kind of criticism that we need. You know, watching Big Brother is not good for your health, but if it makes you feel better… But I do like Gwyneth Paltrow, as an actress so to speak. I feel actually sad by the fact that I recently discovered her other famous side, that being an A-guru in matters of health, diet and how to look good. I would probably stay in oblivion (that with me not following any diets but living by the principle that if you want to slim down you simply need to eat less) if not for the frantic promotion related to Gwyneth’s latest book, apparently a masterpiece in the cookery world, or rather a guide as to how to live a miserable and food-deprived life. I don’t understand the title, to start with. It says ‘It’s all good’ on the cover. Honestly? Just reading the description makes me think that it is more like ‘A guide to people with food-allergies’, as confirmed by one comment among amazon reviews about the book…coming from a person with multiple food-allergies. The description says it bluntly that this book is based on a diet which excludes coffee, alcohol, dairy, eggs, sugar, shellfish, deep-water fish, wheat, meat, or any processed-food. After reading this I want to know the name of Gwyneth’s doctor who advised her to follow this horrendous bullshit after she came to him suffering from anaemia and other stuff, which all sound to me like a consequence of Gwyneth’s obsession with diets and fitness regime. Instead the doctor sends her right to hell. You know, even before coming to recipes I just want to go somewhere and shoot myself. But of course, even going down the hell is potentially a huge profit, as the ninth place on amazon’s bestseller’s list of Gwyneth’s masterpiece clearly demonstrates. I vow to lead a miserable and food-deprived life.


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