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Friday, May 9, 2014

Religious preferences and being mad

While still on the subject of applying for jobs, there is another question which bothers me during the submission process. It is formulated in the following way: ‘What are your religious preferences?’
I have to say that I do ponder very seriously about the question each time I apply for a job. Several concerns pass through my head, simultaneously. First, why do they ask me this question? There is no option such as ‘being a militant islamist’, and so I wonder why all this fuss. There is another possibility available such as ‘Prefer not to say’ which frankly makes me suspicious. We live in the twenty-first century where the politicians reassure us that we can believe in whatever we want.
Obviously, not.
The biggest struggle I face though when confronted with the question (and it does shake me each time I see it) is deciding indeed about what particular faith I hold at the moment. You see, it does change, depending on the progress of my bipolar disorder. I am a Christian at core as I do believe in the good and evil, but I also see some things occasionally which challenge me in my assumptions. For instance, a fairy appeared to me in my garden recently which made me wonder whether I don’t have some Pagan inclinations in parallel.
Hard to say, you see.
I feel like Gideon Mack from the book by the same name in these instances. And this leads me to the following question: are we supposed to be absolutely firm in our beliefs or are we allowed to ponder over them occasionally, change them and well, laugh at the distortions? But they wouldn’t ask this question if it was allowed, would they?

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