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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Voices in my head…

Since my last post was on some voices, I decided that it is time to introduce one of them.

I have several (depending on which religion I follow at any given moment) but since at this moment I am into Native American Wisdom, I am proud to present The Porcupine.

I know, I know, I wish it was someone more glamorous like a Horse or a Buffalo, but well, one has to embrace any blessings which come into one’s life, am I right?

So, The Porcupine…since it is the anxiety week syndrome (according to Mental Health Awareness Week), he (yes, my Porcupine is a he) pushed me to have a small dialogue.

Porcupine, if we check his qualities in the Native American teachings, represents the state of innocence and wonder. And so, when he is anxious – it’s one hell of a problem!

For instance, while I try to listen to some music or read Foucault (for some reason, he is especially interested in this character), here he comes:

‘Where is the Magical Raven?’

“I don’t know", I try to ignore him at these moments as he is obsessed with the Magical Raven.

“We need to find him!”

“He retired, just like God”, I try to answer to no avail.

“Something is wrong with this world,” The Porcupine doesn’t give up, “why everyone is afraid? What happened to creativity? Why do all these corporations rule the world!”

“Karl Marx already pointed to this problem,” I answer rather reluctantly, because with this speed I will never read anything of Foucault, I must tell you.

“Oh, no, please, don’t start reading him again. I can’t follow,” The Porcupine calms down for some time. (Mentioning Karl Marx always does the trick).

But five minutes later he is back, right when I am about to figure out whether madness is still socially constructed or moved to another domain.

“We NEED to DO something!” The Porcupine jumps on my head which scares me slightly. But not quite, since I know that the Porcupine is a very nice creature.

“Okay, okay,” I give up. “We will start looking for the Magical Raven.”

And so, when some individuals argue that people with schizophrenia are chased by demons, I have a strong objection to make.

No, they are not chased by demons. They are chased by the spirits from the magical world.


Insanity in individuals is rare- but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule (Friedrich Nietzsche)


Robin said...

Hey Ekaterina,

I just discovered your blog after you posted a link in the comments of a Guardian article on Russian gas. Hope you don't mind me having a little poke around. You have made me laugh more than a few times in the past half an hour of what feels like a voyeuristic rummage around something almost, but not quite private. Thank you for sharing!

Also, if you haven't read any Neil Gaiman (especially American Gods!) I'd highly recommend him.

Ekaterina said...

Dear Robin,
many thanks for 'poking' around:) Obviously, it is not anymore private since I am blogging about it. Or maybe, it is my voices, as sometimes I find myself in a slight chock in the morning by discovering what I posted the day before for everyone to see.
Glad that it made you laugh and thank you for the recommendation. I haven't read this book yet:)