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Friday, June 6, 2014

Nothing better than a good lunch!

I decided that since it’s (almost) weekend it is good to talk about lunches. Everyone has a different attitude towards the matter (one can be on a diet, another doesn’t bother and I know a few people who even skip it) but I reckon that the topic does have to be taken seriously.

Because you see, if you are unable to divide your day by a nap (ah, a nap, it does deserve not just a post but a novel!) then you have to make some healthy boundaries in a different way. I am all for a nice relaxed living, just so that you know.

If I do have the opportunity, I go out for lunch. I like doing it on my own, and not because I don’t want to see some friends, but because lunch for me fulfils my meditation exercise for a day. I go, I explore, I eat, and I devour. I also take a magazine with me to read (while eating) and at the end of the journey I am restored, well-fed, not grumpy and know which beauty product to try next (from a magazine). Yes, I don’t understand why no one from the new self-help movement thought about putting the lunch on the menu (of meditation techniques) yet. Well, you saw it first here.

And so, lunches. A poem should be written about them. I quickly checked Google on the topic and was disappointed to discover that there is such a phenomenon as writing poems at lunch. It is called ‘lunch poem’. It looks like they even impose this on children at school, denying them the discovery of the true idle me. How can you write a poem when you are doing one already?

Let’s think about it for a moment. You do know, of course, that if you happen to work in an office, lunch is the best part of the day by all standards. We might not admit it out and aloud, but we silently agree. I remember that when I worked in an office, the thought of my mozzarella sandwich was enough to see me through till twelve. What happened after is a different matter, but I hear that some offices do have nap rooms nowadays.

Now that I am not in an office, I take the matter even more seriously, literally into my hands. I sit down every Sunday and make a plan. Which café to visit and most importantly, which ingredients to buy, that in case I make lunch at home?

And so that I don’t leave you without any tips, I have some advice on an ingredient that only a few use but which makes the whole difference once you know the trick. Buy halloumi cheese, cut it into pieces once you are ready for some piece of paradise, fry it and add it to salads, to vegetables or simply eat it as a snack.

As usual, I try to put a song at the end to watch, but as with poems, the only coverage on lunches comes from pre-schools and schools. Well, I suppose it will do to work up an appetite (no lines about halloumi, I am afraid).

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