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Sunday, June 22, 2014

On the matter of onions

Just like with coffee (my post on coffee can be found here this is an item that leaves few people indifferent. Either you like them or you hate them. I’ve never yet a person in between, someone who is indifferent to onions. One can’t be, surely!

You see, I like thinking about such things: onions, but also garlic, brands of coffee, or pumpkin oil (you can add it on roasted vegetables and it tastes delicious). I think that they all make our lives more interesting and more savoury. I truly belong to the camp of those who prefer salty products to the sweets. And onions make an essential part of my daily routine.

My son got it from me, I think. When we go to town, he asks sometimes for a hotdog and insists on lots and lots of onions in it. Not only does he eat it all, he also has the tendency to take the onions out, like big fat worms, one by one, and put it in his mouth as some sort of spaghetti, saying all the way: ‘nice, very nice’. I have to say that despite my own love for onions even I have to turn my eyes away during the procedure. This intolerance to the onions which look ‘boiled’ come from my experience in Russia, I think. Due to the rarity of products at some point we put onions everywhere, including the soups, and they would float on the surface like medusas in the sea. My cousin and I would refuse to eat it, driving my grand-mother (who made the soup) absolutely bonkers. She should see me know, adding them like mad to every salad I make.

So, as usual, I will try to connect onions to the topic of madness. In a manner of Proust, so to speak.  I think I have an idea how to enjoy the onions while being mad.

For instance, if you are in a psychiatric hospital and you don’t like the food on offer (my experience shows that psychiatric departments serve the best food, seriously), ask for a salad. I remember that during my stay, I was offered a choice between tuna, cheese or ham, and the end result was always delicious.

With plenty of onions.

And to my absolute, quite astonishing surprise (can one make a sentence like that?) I found a song about onions, with the singer even saying that she loves them!

How about that?

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Hector Algravez said...

Onions makes us tearfull when cutting them because they release a sulphur compound that when mixed with the water from our tears turns into sulphuric acid, the same stuff that powers car batteries. Cheers!