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Monday, June 30, 2014

X-Factor and the next ‘charitable’ act

X-Factor is coming, guys, a great opportunity for some entertainment, tears, and well…critical thinking.

I love the show for a number of reasons, even if it does cause a lot of distress for me personally. But I will start with the things I like. Because even when knowing that X-Factor became just a show and has nothing to do with helping singers (Black magic?), it does have its immense attraction. Apart from the fact that now quite a few great singers can really sing, thanks to the show, there is another aspect, which appeals to the viewers. Simon Cowell will be on it, and we all love Simon even when we hate him, because just the sight of him is enough to bring millions of viewers in front of the screen to check him for any signs of plastic surgery, whether he is still overly sarcastic and whether he has all his charm intact. I think he does, and he is the reason I am going to watch the show this year, as damn it, the man is simply irresistible. But this is my personal opinion and I find it a pity that he happens to be the producer of the monstrous capitalistic machine such as the X-Factor at the same time.

But while he is the main trigger for me to re-join staring at the screen after I stopped watching it two years ago, it doesn’t mean that I am ready for it whole-heartedly. I will stock myself with some herbal tea as well as valerian so that I will be able to calm down my nerves in case they present us with another ‘charitable’ act.

‘The act of charity’ I am talking about is the homeless guy who, and I quote was ‘homeless hopeful’ among thousands of other contestants but who made it to the bootcamp. ‘He needs a lucky break’, the judges repeated saying and the whole thing was, obviously, a total farce, but nevertheless, quite shocking. There was this guy, and his name is Robbie Hance, who was indeed homeless, but it wasn’t what struck me in him. It was his talent and the ‘back-up’ story was just well…a story.

Until something really unpleasant happened. Robbie forgot his words on the scene and walked out. The most unpleasant part happened after, I have to say, especially for me, as I was waiting that judges would rush after him (which they do on occasions in order to make a better show), that he would reappear, and I waited and waited for…at least something. A word about him, an apology to him, some mention of him from judges or producers.


As if Robbie Hance never existed, which was astonishing considering that the X-Factor is all about some impression management. I thought that after making out of the guy indeed a case for charity and pity, they would go as far as find him and help him somehow. After all, the reason of Robbie Hance leaving the show was that the producers wouldn’t even give him fifteen pounds for food and shelter. So, I suppose the charity consisted in bringing him on the scene, which is spectacular taking into account that the likes of Robbie Hance aren’t after the fifteen minutes of fame, but after some promise of a better life. Not a life consisting of stardom, but a life where one can eat and sleep in a warm place.

But well, show is just a show, but in case you are interested in what happened to Robbie Hance (like I am), he is out there, somewhere. He created his own website at some point (, he wrote his own songs (, and he was for some time on Twitter. He is no longer there, and I can’t find any info on him. So, I am just asking it here: does anyone know where is Robbie Hance?

To conclude, I will put a link to another song. The Show, in general, needs slightly more Faith

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