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Thursday, July 17, 2014

My other identity as a queen

Let me introduce you to one of my other identities. You see I think that it is an important topic, taking into account that once in a while we do pause for a second and reflect on the subject of: and that if I was…a fairy?

True, my first impulse was to put something like ‘that if I was Jennifer Lopez’ but it would be reinforcing the celebrity culture, and I don’t want that.

But mentioning the celebrity does help me to address the core of the matter. The other day a certain Ian Somerhandler put one of his wishes on Facebook and Twitter for all of us to see.

His desire? To have two heads.

True, the capture under the picture says that he sometimes wishes that there were two of him, which is a question that a few psychologists and psychiatrists would find interesting, especially taking into account that Ian Somerhandler is an actor. Like, isn’t enough for him to be a leading vampire in one of his roles???

Look at his other picture where he kisses a dog. This is totally off the subject but I couldn’t help but post it here. Nothing more attractive than a man being kind to the animals.


But so, on the subject of wishing to be somewhere or somebody that the logic of normality defines as off-limits. Indeed, why some of our wishes attract such an interest from the psychiatry and the like?

I had a few of them myself, and I noticed that if I say some of them to a treating doctor (happened a long time ago, I must add), it leads to some unpleasant questions (like: ‘why do you think so?’), absence of any intellectual debate (like: ‘of yes? Tell me about it more’) and most annoyingly, suggestions about increasing the dose of medication.

Therefore, in case you do want to discuss your other identities with a psychiatrist, my strong advice is to come well-prepared.

For instance, I have a definite, genuine proof that I was a royalty.

Yes, I was a queen.


Yes, I aged gracefully.


Now, who can argue against these facts?


(if you want some help with proofs of identity, try this guy at
listen to 'if I were a boy', which is another matter for discussion as I truly believe that we should be who we want to be without any judgement or stigma attached.

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