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Friday, January 30, 2015

Tips (while being mental) - 2

In one of my previous posts ( I discussed that being mental can have its benefits as well. I mostly talked about how to have fun in a hospital (psychiatric one, obviously), and today I will continue dwelling on the matter, because let’s face it: we are not openly talking about our experiences inside.

But we should do, really, because by trying to remain positive is that makes a difference between hell and heaven.

Let’s start with food. I can compare because I tried hospitals in both the Netherlands and the UK.

In the Netherlands, for instance, they serve delicious soups and they also ask you upon your arrival about a special treat you would like to have during the day. Let me tell you, if not for the psychiatrists, one could be deluded into being on a holiday trip. But don’t you worry, they make sure that you don’t forget where you are, and therefore, relaxing properly might not come that easily.

But it is doable.

On my first arrival when I was asked that question (about the special treat) I ordered champagne, but they don’t store it at the hospitals and I ended up with chocolate milk.

My morning would start with a nice cup of coffee, a glass of chocolate milk and a good portion of some music from the music channel in the living room. In retrospect, I was very stupid that I was so adamant to leave the hospital, because it was much better in there than going back into the ‘normal’ world and resuming my job as a financial analyst of banks (at that time).

The hospital had a swimming pool, a nice garden and yoga classes. The only minus was my doctor, but I don’t want to think about that idiot at this moment.

In the UK all depends on the staff, which is probably the case everywhere else. I was very lucky in this respect. They were so lovely that I managed to escape twice in a matter of two days, get drunk in a pub, organise a party among the patients and was allowed to have as many baths as I wanted. Even during the night. They would also make me a toast when I was hungry and salads at lunch.

I do wonder now as to why, why on earth I was so desperate to go back home?

But while my experience is only in two countries I did talk with some other mental people about their stays in other countries in the world.

Apparently they serve amazing food in France (not really surprising) and it is not that bad in Thailand.

And so, to conclude. The next time they come to take you away, try to confuse the crisis team by putting Napoleon XIV: 'They're coming to take me away' at full blast.

That will confuse them a bit.



Thursday, January 29, 2015

They say you are mad

There is always this embarrassing moment when someone tells you that you are mad, for the first time.

I reckoned that I should say something on that account, or rather how to deal with it, because well, you see I do have quite a massive experience in the subject.

Bipolar, for 10 years. That’s the diagnosis, of course, the reality, however, is completely different. But we will arrive at it eventually.

So, what to do when you find yourself in this situation for the first time?

It is hard, you see, and my guess is that if you have emerged from the hospital recently, or are there now and can check the Internet…unlikely, but still (when I was in one I managed to order the entire collection of all CDs of Robbie Williams from the staff computer), then you are totally confused.

Because it is almost impossible to fight against social constraint. They give you diagnoses, they say that you are not well (in your mind), that you need help, medication and probably remain like that for the rest of your life.

And marching with the label of being an invalid is not very cheerful, is it? We all know that mad people are still discussed in hushed voices despite numerous anti-discrimination acts, and my recent test in the matter only confirmed that this is the case. I applied for 5 jobs where my profile did fit the description (I have a PhD in sociology), and clicked on all of them that I am ‘disabled’…under their so-called anti-discrimination act. The result? I wasn’t invited for a single interview.


But don’t you worry, I do have a job, because non-discrimination comes from the heart and not the paper.

But what are they trying not to discriminate against? This is the question, indeed.

Because you see, somewhere in human history it was decided that all forms of madness are bad. It is not as scary as it used to be in the Middle Ages (fancy being put on a ship and sent to nowhere?) but it is still hard. It is like battling against the wall with the whole army of psychiatrists saying that what you experience in madness is not real.

How do they know? How can anyone say that what you hear and see is not real? There is actually a nice Chinese proverb which summarises my point:

And so, to conclude this post, when you emerge from the hospital with you diagnosis, sit down and write everything you remember from your madness.

Because it is real. And there is a reason they want you to forget. Because they are blind, they don’t see it, and they don’t understand.

Watch this amazing video about how you can be a hero.

And yes, you can.

Because to paraphrase the House of Heroes, truth can’t be hidden.

Evelyn, the conception of the magical world

Hello guys, girls, birds and all animals on this planet. Everyone is welcome. Joyous welcome!

I am here to solve your problems, complains and nightmares. A hacker attacking your computer? A bank robbing you of the last cent? A psychiatrist prescribing yet again a marvellous pill, which you don’t want to take? A school teacher not getting your talent? A parent not buying your dream bicycle? Please, come here for the rescue.

I am your Evelyn mom, taking four cups of coffee in the morning, smoking my cigarette and dealing with nasty universe problems for the rest of the day.

I am here not only to help you. I am here also to protect you. Especially the abandoned souls, light beings looking for their ways and lost animals. Animals are absolutely welcomed and cherished! We don’t tolerate any discrimination based on the eating preferences (didn't Jesus say that it's what comes from the mouth which matters and not what you eat???), smoking behaviour, body type or the frequency you take naps during the day. Naps are heartedly welcome! It’s what I actually do in between dealing with hackers.

In my magical house we also share stories, yes, you heard it, - magical stories. Happening in real life and where we deal with villains. Check more stories for this aim!

We also have a café, books, songs and lots of laugh.

Evelyn is for the laughing, joyful souls and I am here to guide you.

Harterlijk welcome! Yes, all languages are welcome, as well as dialects and different thoughts. Bonjour! Welcome to the magical house of Evelyn mom.

This is the world what God envisioned for us, in whom I believe.
We should love each other, it is true.

And if you are mad, you are my friend!

Listen to Katy Perry who sings something which strikes a chord with the above message