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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Evelyn, the conception of the magical world

Hello guys, girls, birds and all animals on this planet. Everyone is welcome. Joyous welcome!

I am here to solve your problems, complains and nightmares. A hacker attacking your computer? A bank robbing you of the last cent? A psychiatrist prescribing yet again a marvellous pill, which you don’t want to take? A school teacher not getting your talent? A parent not buying your dream bicycle? Please, come here for the rescue.

I am your Evelyn mom, taking four cups of coffee in the morning, smoking my cigarette and dealing with nasty universe problems for the rest of the day.

I am here not only to help you. I am here also to protect you. Especially the abandoned souls, light beings looking for their ways and lost animals. Animals are absolutely welcomed and cherished! We don’t tolerate any discrimination based on the eating preferences (didn't Jesus say that it's what comes from the mouth which matters and not what you eat???), smoking behaviour, body type or the frequency you take naps during the day. Naps are heartedly welcome! It’s what I actually do in between dealing with hackers.

In my magical house we also share stories, yes, you heard it, - magical stories. Happening in real life and where we deal with villains. Check more stories for this aim!

We also have a café, books, songs and lots of laugh.

Evelyn is for the laughing, joyful souls and I am here to guide you.

Harterlijk welcome! Yes, all languages are welcome, as well as dialects and different thoughts. Bonjour! Welcome to the magical house of Evelyn mom.

This is the world what God envisioned for us, in whom I believe.
We should love each other, it is true.

And if you are mad, you are my friend!

Listen to Katy Perry who sings something which strikes a chord with the above message

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