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Monday, February 2, 2015

Hearing voices?

Be glad.

I know, it runs contrary to the current thinking. Hearing voices is condemned, not understood and usually involves a diagnosis, such as schizophrenia. And since the psychiatry has such power in our society, we all tend to agree that all those poor people who seem to lose touch with reality, need help, pitiful looks and a patronising attitude.

The latter is especially annoying and I started to come to the conclusion that I should become patronising towards all those who don’t really see or hear, but this would run contrary to Jesus’s teachings. We are supposed to love each other.

And so, I should probably try to explain. By using the example of voices.

Mystic experiences have been part of human history since the beginning and hearing voices is one of them. I really don’t understand, how can one say to another human being that what he hears is not true when he doesn’t hear it himself? I do wonder sometimes about who is really mad here, the psychiatrist lost in his highly constrained world or the patient who is blessed with visions?

Well, I do know the answer, but it took me years to understand that everything which happens in our madness is just a part of another, hidden reality. I also think that that movie Matrix is not that far from the truth.

The current approach in psychiatry is to try to erase voices. The same goes for anything else which can be considered as slightly weird, but voices are often of a particular concern. Because they do cause distress (at least initially) to all those whom they address.

And as a consequence, because of a huge misunderstanding on the part of doctors and ‘mentally-ill’ (I put it in between brackets on purpose), these voices are immediately shut down with the help of monstrous pills.

I am not against medication but medication can really kill when one doesn’t get to the core of the matter.

Just try to put yourself in the shoes of a person who has had such an experience. You hear something which others can’t, it might be terrifying, or pleasant, but the result is always the same. One receives a diagnosis, is drugged and is unable to live a normal life ever again. How can one? Not only one becomes terribly tired due to drugs, receives a label of a ‘retard’ but also knows, somewhere deep down, that it is all wrong. And it is.

Voices do matter. If someone hears them, it means that there are there. I know a psychic who could talk with my dead relatives, describing them as they really were when alive and even giving me their names in Russian. She makes money on this ability.

The difference between this psychic and those who receive the label of being ‘mentally-ill’ is that she learned to listen to the voices. Probably they were not as overwhelming, maybe she was seeking them by herself or maybe she was simply lucky.

Or maybe, she never heard the Devil.

I did and after pondering over different issues associated with madness, I am reaching a tentative conclusion.

All those who hear too many voices are simply lost between the ugly ones and the good ones.

And the trick is to learn how to listen to them. Ban the bad and listen to the good.

One such survivor Eleanor Longden has an amazing story to tell on this account I call her a survivor because despite having received the diagnosis of schizophrenia she learned how to get away from the psychiatric system, did a master degree in psychology and learned what her voices meant. As she says, hearing voices and this can apply to anyone who is mad, is a sane reaction to insane world.

So, be glad that you can hear.

God is trying to reach you.

So that you start seeing heaven from here.

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