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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Porcupine’s dilemma in a world which has gone mad

Ektie, the small porcupine was in deep thinking mode.

An annoying dilemma has been bothering him already for quite some time.

Ektie was trying to loose weight.

Not that he actually wanted it in the first place. Secretly Ektie was convinced that he possessed rather a gorgeous body, and most importantly, he was feeling comfortable in it.

But something strange was happening in the animal kingdom. It’s like all animals became obsessed with being slim overnight.

Apparently, nowadays, one had to be slim, toned, muscled and firm. Animals were rushing into gyms and all kinds of diets.

Ektie hated both the gym and the diets. He had already tried several of them.

Without any visible result…. as Ektie could witness, - that apart from feeling much more frustrated and even unhappy.

For a week or so he tried eating the cabbage soup. Yes, he did loose some weight, but also his sleep and his radiant appearance. Not only he started to hate the cabbage (his suspicion was that it was for the rest of his life), but he also developed some serious stomach problems.

Then he also tried what they call low-carb diet, all sorts of pills and meal substitutes.

But it simply wasn’t working!

Ektie took a bite from his chocolate bar (with a feeling of guilt) and sighed. Why life was so unfair?

Only recently the animal kingdom was having fun. No one was assessing each other in terms of looks, status and size.

But it seemed that everything started to change. If one wanted to have some sort of recognition and respect, it was necessary to have a size zero figure, have a recent brand of a car and a new plasma tv.

Gone were the days when everyone was judged according to one’s personality.

Take for example, the pig Spike, - one of the best friends of Ektie. He was fun, joyful, great friend, loyal and smart.

And well, because of the recent weight loosing mania, Spike wasn’t daring to leave his house anymore! And Ektie even suspected that Spike was depressed.

Unheard of! Being a pig and being depressed!

If only, the Eagle, the animals’ guardian would soon reappear! If only…

But no one has heard of him already for ages.

Meanwhile, all directions as to how to rule the animal kingdom were coming from the magical raven, who was stuck in Amsterdam visiting coffee shops and smoking marihuana.

The world was going mad….

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