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Sunday, May 10, 2015

I nominate myself as a Labour Party’s leader

And quite seriously so. I mean, let’s think for a second, why not? If there is a chance to become a leader, it is, obviously, right now, when the Labour party lost due (I think, it is the main reason) to the unpopularity of its leader.

The reasons for this lack of popularity seem to be the absence of charisma. It appears that modern parties’ leaders have first of all to be attractive to the public in terms of the media image. As long as one does well the job in the domain of the celebrity of politics, it doesn’t even matter what the party stands for.

So, I thought, I could be a leader. I could be a good leader. Embracing labour’s values (more traditional ones) does help me to advance my nomination for the role, but I have probably more serious grounds for success in terms of an image.

I do have a certain charisma. I say, certain, because, I noticed that one has to remain quite modest in order to remain popular, as beautiful and awesome one might be in reality.

I will provide a huge entertainment to the public. I mean, I am diagnosed as bipolar, how about witnessing a party’s leader getting into psychosis during a debate in the Parliament? I reckon that people would even stop watching X-Factor or Big Brother to see it, which, in my opinion, would be a huge result in the field of un-brainwashing of the celebrity culture.

I am also a Doctor of Philosophy and while I am smart, no one would ever call me as ‘nerdy’. I was known as one the biggest saboteurs at school in terms of having missed it all together, and some scandals from my past life would mean that the interest of the public would stay, and probably even increase, once I say that not only I smoked I also inhaled. Yes, I will stand for honesty.

And finally, while values of a particular political party appear as less important nowadays, I could become a walking example of these values.

I will speak on behalf of mental people (obviously, I will never cut any benefits for disabled people), I will talk on behalf of the immigrants (my accent speaks for itself), I am a mother (no cut in child benefits, that’s for sure), and I rely on NHS (it won’t be sold to naughty capitalists).

And my communist past is the biggest reassurance that Labour party will become a working people’s party once again.

Yes, how about nominating me as the Labour Party’s leader?

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