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Friday, September 11, 2015

Being mad is a response of sanity to the world gone mad

Yes, this is what I’ve been thinking recently. It is not madness which really matters but the core of the matter: why, indeed, do people become mad?

I have been reflecting on the issue for quite a while. Maybe it is the current world situation or the accumulation of reading the news about the world situation, but the answer, while being planted on a sub-conscious level for some time, finally reached my head in the morning of last week, when I was following the refugee crisis. With a mixture of total bewilderment and sadness I was reading about all this outcry taking place around the crisis. Which has been going on for a good couple of years, but no one seemed to notice, at least try to take part. But suddenly, secret billionaires and desperate housewives are on the scene with all kinds of ideas: from buying an island to sending tampons to refugee camps.

Debord, a brilliant sociologist of the last century said it already long time ago. We started to live in the society of the spectacle. It is not the act which matters but the image. The whole society as a whole lost its meaning. This outcry for refugees will die once something new and more exciting is presented to us by the media, while the starving refugees will hope that another terrible picture will emerge somewhere to bring spotlight back to them. They might only dream, because soon it will be about bombing and invading Syria. Media manipulates our public opinion as a good behaved crowd of sheep.

Unfortunately, all these crises don’t change the core of the matter. The society as such sucks. While the refugees and people in Syria try to survive as each day comes, here, in the West, we have mostly other preoccupations (I mean, who we are kidding really?). It is still about buying a new car, a new house, following a new diet and buying a new cream. We are still driven by consumption and accumulation and until our principles of life change, nothing in the world will change either.

And therefore, I decided to look bit by bit at the manifestations of madness in the Western world. I will look at the world which suffers from zombielism (look at the definition here), and mostly at things that seem to preoccupy the majority of our time, such as diets, gyms and whether to go for Botox or not.

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