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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The state of mania: to fear or embrace?

I intentionally put it as a ridiculous question because the explanations about mania are bordering on grotesque stupidity. Just google mania and it gives you the scary stories about what it means to be a bipolar. In the state of mania you are prone to quit your job, spend ridiculous amounts of money (probably if you are Stephen Fry or Robbie Williams), have numerous sex (I wish), and decide that you are Jesus Christ.

All these things are true and false to a certain extent. The only, real problem I decipher from all these statements is the money one can spend. And I don’t think that it is the problem of only bipolar people. Take any magazine or watch any TV programme and they all incite you to spend. The whole society is based on spending, so it is not a disease but a condition of living in the twenty-first century. So, as long as one doesn’t go into a minus, I wouldn’t call it as a major problem. Especially that you can claim all your money back. Yes, I did it, I know. I once subscribed to all female magazines when I was in the state of mania and was able to cancel it without any problems as soon as I was out of the hospital. And, I ended up with all their free gifts they promise upon subscription. Not bad, he?

The proclaimed promiscuous sex when you are bipolar is actually a good thing when you start dating, or so I noticed (and no, it isn’t like that in real life). Men want to date you because of this claim. It gives you a certain reputation. Being bipolar equals being good in bed. The saying goes ( and yes, yes, it is true!). But if you are in a relationship of seven years and running, with a small child in tow, it is the same as for everyone else.

As to quitting jobs I found that it isn’t a bad thing. When I became bipolar I was working as a financial analyst of banks, and as much as I loved the company for which I worked and my colleagues, I absolutely hated the financial analysis. I was analysing banks. So, I quit my job and since then received a bursary to do a PhD…twice. I am a Doctor of Philosophy and I organised my life in such a way that I can decide what job I do or not. Bipolar equals being clever, and yes, it is true as well.

As to being Jesus Christ, I have to admit that I am guilty. Yes, I was one. Or I thought that I was one. Or I thought that maybe I was related to Jesus, or maybe that Jesus is in me, as the Bible says.

So, are Christians then all idiots?

No, I don’t think so, but the majority of psychiatrists I met, are indeed.

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