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Thursday, October 27, 2016

In response to some latest feminist bullshit

Let me start by saying loud and clear that I am a feminist. I provide for myself, think that women should be treated as equally as men, and try themselves in any jobs they want.
However, as I noticed lately, to my greatest chagrin, I became quite confused about what being a feminist actually means. Sometimes, I even suspect that one needs first to become a total moron, in order to win the right to be called a feminist.
I will try to explain.
Let’s ignore all that menstruation protests (in order to pay less for tampons), campaigns for not shaving the legs, and anti-wax movements, and just present the latest example of the feminist bullshit of lately.
The new song by Pussy Riot, called the Vagina or something like that (you can watch it here Latest Idiotism by Pussy Riot).
In my opinion, this video clip shows quite clearly what has become wrong with feminism and being associated with the movement (and I have to reiterate now, that I do consider myself as a feminist, but apparently I am being stuck somewhere in the 70ies from what I can see).
Pussy Riot (just to update you on their background) is that Russian group which became famous by storming a Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow (some tips on how to become famous can be found here Pussy Riot storming the church). Personally, I don’t mind their opinion on the Russian politics, etc, but I do mind as to how they present women, and since they are, well, Russians, I find it as my personal duty to tell you the following: Russian women don’t go to the toilette like that, don’t dress like that, and I don’t want to know the shop which sells the kind of lingerie they are wearing in their latest video.
Their music clip, however, does reflect a quite disturbing latest trend in the feminist movement. That in case you do shave your legs, take care of your appearance, and (god forbid it) wear some make-up and like clothes and creams, then you are not a feminist.
If you do still want to belong to the movement, you need to wear something like that:

That’s me in the picture, and no, I wouldn’t wear a hat like that, unless I am accompanying my son to a Halloween party.
I do like clothes, creams, shaving my legs, and taking care of my appearance. And don’t tell me, I am not a feminist.
So, in the next post I will try to come up with a new term for this new trend, as I think that we should dissociate, like quite urgently, feminism from anti-femininity, which I decided to name ‘The anti-chatte movement’.  ‘CHATTE’ comes from French and means Pussy.
Watch my latest video where I cut my ponytail and explain what I think of the video by Pussy Riot (MY VIDEO)

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