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Monday, October 24, 2016

‘Party like a Russian’? Let’s have a good look at the Americans

As some of you know Robbie Williams (a British singer- just explaining to those who don’t know who he is) released his single ‘Party like a Russian’ around 3 weeks ago. You can find it here Robbie Williams's video

Personally, I don’t know who parties like that, but Robbie is singing about the OLIGARCHS, and while I don’t know any Oligarch personally myself, I definitely have an opinion on them, the big fucking morons who reaped the nation off, that’s what they are.

I made my own video, explaining my feelings on what Robbie Williams did wrong in his music clip (watch it here My video), going into the details about how to eat a certain product shown in Robbie Williams's song (buckwheat).

I don’t want to repeat the same stuff I said in the video, so I will tell you rather something new, which is that while everyone is going on about Russians and oligarchs and how Putin tries to control the whole world, we kind of missed that meanwhile the United States of America became an oligarchy itself, much more fucked up than Russia ever was (and I am not the one who named it as such).

For instance, in the upcoming elections people of the United States of America have a following choice:

1.      Vote for a women’s harasser (Trump), but, otherwise, a very charming man.

2.      Vote for a criminal who supported much more than a women’s harasser (a total hypocrite) and will move him into the White house in case she wins (Clinton).

Which gives us:

But let’s move back to the individual components of the American candidates.

Trump is not that good, for obvious reasons. If he would stop some hate speech he managed to produce, personally I would be all right with that ‘groping’ scandal. Well, kind of, provided that I wouldn’t meet him personally, that’s it. In all honesty, I don’t even get what people are going on about. And don’t throw back at me all that feminist stuff, as I stopped believing in it. 
And I stopped giving shit about feminism after Clinton put herself for running for a president. If you ask my humble opinion, she just incorporates everything which shows what has gone wrong with feminism. I am not going to discuss her personal appearance (god forbid), but her character does prompt me to go the bathroom and puke.

Let’s all remember what she and her husband did to that young intern, Monica Lewinsky. It, of course, started with her husband who was stumbling for quite a while (like fucking ages) to admit that he did have an affair with that poor young woman. I think that we should all remember it, like right now, and put Monica Lewinsky on a stage, applaud her, give her flowers and publicly all apologise for what was done to her and how she was treated. Because I don’t need to be a genius (even if secretly, I might be one…mmm) to conclude that she was a VICTIM in that very unpleasant situation.

Now, if you do try that feminist stuff on me, what I would do, if I were a wife of Bill Clinton, I would throw him out of the house and PUBLICLY condemn.

Hilary Clinton though did nothing of that, just the opposite. She stood up with her husband, gave all kinds of silly excuses for his behaviour, and also made sure that Monica Lewinsky would have a miserable life. It is only recently that Monica started to come out of the shadow, and I do hope that she is happy. She deserves it, the Clintons don’t.

So, do you want that couple to move back into the White House?

I DON’T. Because I am a feminist and I didn’t forget what happened to Monica Lewinsky. So, do vote for Trump, and now that he won, I should congratulate him and say, Dear President Trump, excuse me if I offended you in my post.

This post is getting way too long. So, I will just make a small summary as to why Hilary Clinton is a criminal and should never run any country. She messed up with that mails big time, and she wants a war with Russia.

Watch my video I made on this issue if you want to learn more on my view on the American elections (Russian oligarch talks about American elections)
P.S. I was among the first ones to pre-order the CD of Robbie Williams and am having the party of my life, despite the biggest fuck up in the American history.
(since update on the last post which is basically the same, but i got the CD today and am partying:)

(this brilliant picture of Clump I first saw on the page of 'This is it' on Facebook, here is the link to their page: This is it)

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