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Monday, November 7, 2016

On the matter of vaping (e-cigarette). The beauty product of today!

As promised in my video on feminism where I said I would tell why I enjoy beauty products while still being a feminist (MY VIEW ON FEMINISM), I didn’t deliver and wrote about Brexit instead (The Brexit Affair).
I got side-tracked by the obvious development in the Brexit melodrama (the ruling by the High Court), but today it is a calm day before the upcoming storm of the American elections tomorrow, and therefore, I reckoned that it is a good opportunity to talk about something nice happening within the beauty industry, which is the Phenomenon of Vaping.

I have to admit, rather reluctantly, that the idea that it might belong to the domain of the beauty industry, came from the French press, which I was reading last Wednesday morning, an activity I do engage in occasionally, since I like to compare what different media outlets talk about depending on where they are based.
And so, I was sitting with my coffee and my e-cigarette, enjoying both vaping and drinking my coffee, when I saw that one of the headlines in the French press was about a mega study made in the UK about the benefits of using the e-cigarette in order to stop smoking (here is the link to the original article French press getting lost in their own research).

In my defense it was quite early and I still needed two more cups of coffee in order to wake up properly, and so I missed the fact that the authors of the article actually provided a link to that major research that the UK made (such as a single article published 2 months previously, here is a link: UK Mega Research on e-cigarette). And therefore, I went into the accusation mode in my video (watch me introducing the phenomenon of vaping), and pointed out to the fact that the French press is lagging behind the rest of the world in terms of where they dig out their info. Just to give you an idea, while they did provide the link to an article which was published in September, if you read the article properly (which I did), it is just a review of the study which was done as far away as 2014. ‘Bonjour la Temporisation’.
But I should stop criticizing the French press and rather applaud them for their remarkable insight into the beauty of the e-cigarette.
Yes, it is rather good for your health especially for addicts like me, and I did research (quite extensively) as to why I used to smoke and why I now vape.
So, I read, and read on about what the psychologists wrote about it (obviously, quite a lot), and decided that the prize of absolute stupidity still belongs to Sigmund Freud.
After all it was him, who, while chain-smoking, came up with his grandiose theory that everything we do in our lives, has some sort of sexual connotation. Men suffer from Oedipus complex (for the rest of their lives), and women have that Electra thing going on until they die.

And of course, he had his thoughts (sexually-oriented) about smoking and cigarettes.
It is rather unfortunate that Freud is dead and I can’t argue with him and call him an idiot, but I will still express my opinion.
I vape because I, fucking, love it!
That’s it, no hidden agenda behind, whatsoever.

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